Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Satchel Like No Other

So, I love hand-me-downs.  As the youngest of four, I not only received many of my brother's clothing (and hoping upon hoping that I didn't get too many of my sister's) but also had many of their teachers.  As an adult, I am still very hesitant to throw things away, and love garage sales.  So, I had this pair of jeans that about four years ago became too used to wear but couln't bear to throw them away.  I had originally thought that I might break them down and make paper out of them.  I just never acquired the screen mesh that would have made that happen.  Recently, I was given an ipad as a hand-me-down and didn't like the idea of taking it from place to place without having something to carry it in.  Of course, I could have bought something but I had a very clear idea of what I wanted and was pretty sure there wasn't anything out there that would meet those requirements.   So I went to work, cut some styrofoam to the right size, then cut the jeans, trimmed and sewed.  Bought a zipper and attached it.   I so wanted to use the jean zipper as the main zipper for the bag, but it just wasn't long enough.  Decided that it would definitely need some type of strap and thought about buying one but realized I could make that too.  All I would need would be the clips to attach it to the bag.  The belt loops would work perfectly as the attachment point to the bag.  For the straps, I cut the jeans into four long straps and weaved them together sewing the clips on both ends.
I've since used more scraps from the jeans for bracelets and to make a handle for a walking staff. 
Every time I talk about it, the only way to describe it is as purse.  Though, since I carry it, I like to call it a satchel.  Yeah, it's a man purse and I think I take a little too much pride in it. 

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